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Become the best version of yourself!

My goal is to create the quickest swings while being in the zone for the longest amount of time possible. This gives athletes the ability to be off time and still hit the ball. The quickness you'll learn in my program will allow you to make better swing decisions because you will have more time to evaluate the pitch. If you want to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed at the plate, click learn more!

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My Experience, My Passion

I have been playing baseball for 21 years. In this time I have amassed a plethora of knowledge about baseball, but more particularly the swing. Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all sports and for that reason, I set out on a journey to perfect my swing. I've gone coast to coast training with various hitting gurus to improve my swing. Although I’ve learned a lot in this process, my biggest teacher was failure. My failures drove me to become obsessed. I have truly become a student of the swing. After 20+ years of swinging a bat, I now understand what makes the greats so great.

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       Why Train With Ian?

  • I have played with the best and trained   with best, so I know what it takes.

  • My dedication to my hitters is           unparalleled.

  • I know how to effectively communicate and "bridge the gap" for various types of athletes.

  • My thoughts and opinions are sought after by many college and pro hitters.

  • 30+ collegiate home runs

  • 2017 Draft Pick

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